Shenandoah and the Night - BTR Live Studio [ep149]

Shenandoah and the Night is a four piece ensemble from Brooklyn who, with their haunting melodies and attraction to minors keys, have been described as “moody pop” and “pop noir.” Currently preparing for the release of their second full length album, the group stopped by for a session of BTR Live Studio to discuss the making of their new record and the shift in their music as of late. /// Featured song: “Dance In B Minor” /// So Low, So High is now available from Family Records. /// Complete radio broadcast and playlist: /// Official website: /// Facebook:

This Week + Next Week on BreakThru Radio TV

Here’s a recap of the videos we’ve featured this past week on BreakThru Radio TV and what we’re planning to feature next week:

This Week:
MON, 4/9: Boss Talk - Serious Business on BTR [ep69]
TUE, 4/10: Housse de Racket - BTR Live Studio [ep111]
WED, 4/11: Shenandoah and the Night - BTR Hear & There [ep57]
THU, 4/12: Would You Give Your Facebook Login Info To A Potential Employer? - BTR Pulse [ep71]
FRI, 4/13: Snowmine - BTR Live Studio [ep112]

Next Week:
MON, 4/16: The Split - Serious Business on BTR [ep70]
TUE, 4/17: You Won’t - BTR Live Studio [ep113]
WED, 4/18: Spit Take Comedy - BreakThruRadioTV [ep22]
THU, 4/19: Topic of the Week - BTR Pulse [ep72]
FRI, 4/20: Capsula - BTR Live Studio [ep114]

Additionally, we shot Imaginary Cities, Lucius, Ravens & Chimes, and The Banjees. Stay tuned for these videos!

"So Low, So High" by Shenandoah and the Night - BTR Hear & There [ep57] (by btrhearandthere)

Shenandoah and the Night is a dreamy indie-pop group from New York City. Led by sultry vocalist Sheah Ableman (formerly of San Francisco’s Yard Dogs Road Show), the band sometimes incorporates Doo-wop and folk into their music, channeling the sounds of Nina Simone, Janis Joplin and The Black Keys. Ableman is an especially captivating frontwoman, full of endless flair and personality. Here, the group performs at the bar Brooklyn Social in Carroll Gardens. /// The “So Low, So High” single is out May 8, 2012 from Family Records. /// Official website: