When Particles Collide - Serious Business on BTR [ep65] (by seriousbusinessonbtr)

When Particles Collide is made up of former jazz performer Chris Viner and high school chemistry teacher Sasha Alcott. Based out of Bangor, Maine, the duo blends punk and 90s indie rock, drawing from influences like Sleater-Kinney and the Pixies. Their songs are full of rowdy bursts of energy — especially when Alcott lets out her ferocious yelps. /// Featured song: “Down to the Wire” /// Mass Energy EP is the latest release by When Particles Collide. /// Complete radio broadcast and playlist: http://bit.ly/AFghCJ /// Official website: http://www.whenparticlescollide.com

Big Ups - Serious Business on BTR [ep62] (by seriousbusinessonbtr)

Influenced by groups like The Misfits, The Jesus Lizard and Rage Against the Machine, New York-based Big Ups play riotous, earth-shattering punk rock. The four-piece — made up of NYU students Brendan Finn (drums), Joe Galarraga (vocals), Carlos Salguero (bass), and Amar Lal (guitar) — are a bottomless pit of energy and angst, and their songs quickly erupt into loud, ferocious scream fests. /// Wake Up is the latest release by Big Ups. /// Complete radio broadcast and playlist: http://bit.ly/wkgiue /// Official website: http://bigups.bandcamp.com

Los Campesinos! - BTR Live Studio [ep87] (by btrlivestudio)

Hailing from Wales, Los Campesinos! play wild indie-pop that’s clever, catchy, and overflowing with fiery, jarring punk-infused moments. Though the seven-piece has gone through a number of personnel changes over the years, the band’s nurtured a tight, sunny-meets-rowdy sound — inspiring everything from joyous head-bobbing to adrenalized raised fists. Underneath the energetic, sweet melodies are tales of heartache. Here that vulnerability especially shows, as they perform stripped-down versions of songs off their latest album, Hello Sadness. /// Complete radio broadcast and playlist: http://bit.ly/yNR0hh /// Los Campesinos! fourth album, Hello Sadness, is out via Arts & Crafts/Wichita. /// Official website: http://www.loscampesinos.com

Veronica Falls - BTR Live Studio [ep73] (by btrlivestudio)

Glasgow-via-London foursome Veronica Falls blend aggressive garage punk with sweet Sixties pop, and morbid lyrics with sunny stories, making for unpredictable music that’s boldly ominous one minute and charmingly delightful the next. The dual moods give their songs an extra depth, but it’s their ability to straddle seamlessly between the haunting and the fun that makes Veronica Falls — especially singer Roxanne Clifford, whose vocal work calls to mind a more somber version of The Mamas & The Papas — stand out against other similar acts. /// Veronica Falls’ self-titled debut is out now via Slumberland. /// Complete radio broadcast and playlist: http://bit.ly/sX35rB /// Official website for Veronica Falls: http://veronicafalls.com

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