Emily Wells - BTR Live Studio [ep233]

Emily Wells is known as a talented multi-tasking multi-instrumentalist, exercising an acrobatic array of electronics in her live performance. For her latest release, she has shed the protective wall of gadgets and sounds and picked up only an acoustic guitar to reimagine the songs from her 2012 debut. The translation is flawless, and reveals a new perspective on these compositions, which easily hold their own with the stripped-down approach.

Featured Song: “Los Angeles” Complete Broadcast and audio playlist: http://b-t-r.co/19dSsgE

Emily Wells’ latest release, Mama Acoustic Recordings, is available now from Partisan Records.

Watch Emily Wells previous BTR Live Studio session: http://bit.ly/JzIKq4

Official website for Emily Wells: http://emilywellsmusic.com

Facebook: http://facebook.com/emilywellsmusic

Twitter: @emilywellsmusic

Callers - BTR Live Studio [ep167]

Originating in New Orleans and currently based half in Brooklyn and half in Providence, RI, Callers is a group with strong convictions and creative musicianship. Their latest, Reviver, is said to be “a statement on power, rhythm, beauty and language, and an exploration of inner vastness.” In the process of crafting the LP, Keith Souza and Seth Manchester went from collaborating in the studio to joining the band, adding more support to the already complex songwriting and orchestrations of Sara Lucas and Ryan Seaton. Not a band beholden to any particular genre, Callers often incorporate shades of Fleetwood Mac, Dirty Projectors, and all the art rock, motown, experimental punk, and world music in between.

Featured song: “Your Finest”

Reviver is out now on Partisan Records.

Complete radio broadcast and playlist: http://b-t-r.co/QJaT3d

Official website: http://callersband.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/callersband
Twitter: @callersband

Field Report - BTR Live Studio [ep145] 

After a musical hiatus following the disbanding of DeYarmond Edison, Chris Porterfield is making music again with his new project, Field Report. Garnering attention from Billboard, Paste, and Pitchfork, the music of Field Report has been described as thoughtful, smart, and intimate. In this session of BTR Live Studio, we catch up with the band, on tour with Counting Crows, and hear a little about Porterfield’s journey from DeYarmond Edison until now. /// Featured song: “Evergreen” /// Field Report will release their self titled album this coming September through Partisan Records. /// Complete radio broadcast and playlist: http://b-t-r.co/MTqzDF /// Official website: http://www.field-report.org /// Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/officialfieldreport /// Twitter: @_FieldReport

Emily Wells - BTR Live Studio [ep123] (by btrlivestudio)

Blurring the lines between genres, Emily Wells is a New York-based musician who channels hip-hop, synth rock, pop and even classical music. Her songs are at once sentimental, hypnotizing and electrifying. Though she’s been dubbed a hybrid of Nina Simone, Biggie Smalls and Bob Dylan, on stage Wells offers her own uniquely impressive one-woman show, playing a number of instruments and looping them live throughout her entire set. Here she performs a brand new song called “Come To Me.” /// Featured song: “Come To Me” /// Mama, the latest album by Emily Wells, is out via Partisan Records. /// Complete radio broadcast and playlist: http://bit.ly/JLxtq1 /// Official website: http://www.emilywellsmusic.com /// Twitter: @emilywellsmusic

"Breakdown on the Beach" by Holy Sons - BTR Live Studio [ep69] (by btrlivestudio)

Holy Sons is the one-man project of Portland’s Emil Amos. The multi-instrumentalist plays raw, lo-fi indie rock, and remains relatively enigmatic, despite having released music under the Holy Sons moniker for the past two decades and having played with bands like Om, Dolorean, and Grails. Amos’ introspective nature and penchant for obscurity, give his music an added haunted, mysterious quality. /// Holy Sons’ latest album, Survivalist Tales!, is available now through Partisan Records. /// Complete radio broadcast and playlist: http://bit.ly/vAM92x /// Official website for Holy Sons: http://holysons.com/

Also available on Vimeo and YouTube: