Bailiff - BTR Live Studio [ep351]

Bailiff are a no-nonsense bluesy indie rock trio from Chicago featuring the classic rock formula of drums, bass, guitar, and killer riffs which they push the next level. The result is super solid pop, drawing on the likes of Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, the Beatles, and Dylan — and not just the rock bits, there are hints of everything from Indian raga to Native American chant planted in these grooves. Here, the band plays some songs and chats with Maia.

Featured song: “Golden Hour”

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Remise, the latest release from Bailiff, is now available.

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Twitter: @bailiffmusic

“Not Ours” by Beverly - BTR Live Studio [ep350.5]

Begun as a collaboration between former Vivian/Dum Dum Girl Frankie Rose and Drew Citron (a former member of Frankie’s band and NYC act Avan Lava), Beverly has taken on new life in the form of a live band (now fronted by Drew, without Frankie) and is quickly amassing fans. Lush pop harmonies and satisfyingly noisy guitars fill the space of their shoegaze pop songs in just the right way.

Featured song: “Not Ours”

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Careers, Beverly’s debut album, is available now from Kanine Records.

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Challenger - BTR Live Studio [ep350]

Challenger is the project of NYC producer/composer/songwriter John Ross, featuring a full band for live performances. Drawing on the synth and loop-heavy sounds of 80s new wave, the songs are dense and full of pop hooks. Here, the group plays some songs, then chats with Maia.

Featured song: “How Terrorism Brought Us Back Together”

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Back To Bellevue, Challenger’s latest release is now available.

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"Secrets" by Jack & Eliza - BTR Hear & There [ep92]

Jack & Eliza grew up in NYC as childhood friends. At 15, Eliza won the International John Lennon Songwriting award. Now, with both in college in their hometown, they’re musical collaborators, performing as a duo all around the city. Their simplistic approach — two guitars, two voices — brings their talents to the forefront, as their vocals work together to weave together pristine narratives. Inspired by the sunny, psychedelic pop of bands like The Beach Boys and The Mamas & The Papas, these two are riding a similar sunny, blissful wave. We caught up with them at Coco, a restaurant in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, for an intimate acoustic performance of their single, “Secrets.”

Featured song: “Secrets”

No Wonders, Jack & Eliza’s debut EP is now available for pre-order.

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Twitter: @JackandEliza

TEEN - BTR Live Studio [ep349]

TEEN last visited the studio in 2012 for a stripped-down session, right around the release of their debut album. Now, with a leaner, tighter blend of synths, live and programmed instruments, and killer vocal harmonies, Teeny Lieberson and crew are back to share their latest jams. We’ve been into them from the first listen, but now, with the full live band experience at this session, their growing acclaim is on full display.

Featured song: “All The Same”

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TEEN’s latest release, The Way & Color, is now available.

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Twitter: @ooteenoo

The Ring by Tancred - BTR Live Studio [ep348.5]

Tancred is the solo project of Jess Abbott, member of the Minneapolis band Now, Now. Born in California before growing up in New England, her current home in the Midwest may be a slightly unnatural fit for someone more accustomed to the coasts, but her direct, confessional music has certainly found a home with her fans, as demonstrated by a dedicated internet fan base built up around her YouTube and Tumblr presence. Initially an acoustic project, Tancred has developed into a full band sound on the latest record, and Jess took the music on the road for a brief tour in December 2013, which also brought her to our studio.

Featured song: “The Ring”

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Tancred’s latest release, Capes, is now available from No Sleep Records.

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Twitter: @tancredjess

Pinegrove - BTR Live Studio [ep348]

Pinegrove are a young group originally from Montclair, New Jersey, but now calling Brooklyn home while touring the national DIY circuit to share their eclectic sound. With inspiration from the post-rock, alt-country, and progressive rock worlds, their music, written by singer/guitarist Evan Hall, is heartfelt, quirky, and catchy. The foursome stopped by the studio before kicking off a summer tour to share some songs and chat about the band.

Featured song: “Problems”

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Mixtape Two, Pinegrove’s latest release, is now available.

Pinegrove on Bandcamp:
Twitter: @PinegroveBand

Little Racer - BTR Live Studio [ep347]

This Brooklyn foursome has been around just long enough to prove that they mean it, and the work is paying off as more and more praise deservedly heads their way. Driving, catchy guitar-pop is their game, bringing to mind some of their NYC forebearers (The Strokes, first and foremost), as they ride the line between lo-fi and intentionally fuzzy. The guys stopped by to share some tunes and chat with Maia about their music.

Featured song: “Fake French”

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Modern Accent, the latest release from Little Racer is now available.

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Twitter: @LittleRacerBand

Serious Business on BTR: Baked - Serious Business on BTR [ep178]
Round 2 of Exploding In Sound Records’ takeover of Serious Business on BTR continues with the most excellent Baked! Transmitting spacey, chilled-out vibes through the atmosphere, there’s a nostalgic timelessness about these tunes that can evoke the likes of the Beatles without sounding retro. There are even tasty heavy bits dropped in just at the right moments, pulling things from pop to psych, but overall it’s catchy and groovy, and we love it.

Featured song: “Don’t Trip”

Complete broadcast and audio playlist:

Debt, the latest release from Baked, is now available from Exploding In Sound.

Baked on Bandcamp:
Twitter: @bakedtweets

White Hinterland - BTR Live Studio [ep346]
White Hinterland is Casey Dienel. In the wake of her previous, production-heavy album, she retreated to the basement of her family’s house in Scituate, Massachusetts, to build a studio and learn the ins-and-outs of self-recording in order to craft a new, piano-and-voice-reliant body of work. In Dienel’s own words, the “themes of this record… are personal agency, strength, growth, and determination.” It’s raw and beautiful, and she stopped by to share some of these songs and talk about her work with Maia.

Featured song: “Ring The Bell”

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Baby, the latest release from White Hinterland, is now available.

Official website for White Hinterland:
Twitter: @WhiteHinterland

Wild Moccasins - BTR Live Studio [ep345]

Wild Mocassins is an indie pop band from Houston, Texas. Their infectious, exuberant jams are as colorful as the confetti and balloon drops that fans have come to enjoy at their live shows. A tight-knit crew of music nerds who found each other at concerts and record shops, they’ve grown together through songwriting and performance, and that connection is apparent in their records and live shows as they leave it all onstage.

Featured song: “Open Sesames”

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88 92, Wild Moccasins’ latest release, is available now.

Official website for Wild Moccasins:
Twitter: @wildmoccasins

Pile - Serious Business on BTR [ep177]

In the current sea of guitar-heavy northeast indie rockers, Boston’s Pile has a different approach from the average post-punk thrashers — perhaps taking a cue from the Pixies and often slowing the pace down to give their melodies some room to breathe. Don’t let that make you think they’re any less powerful, though, as they can and do unleash some head-spinning serious riffage and growling vocal fury when they feel the need to. Another hard-touring band in the Exploding In Sound Records world, they’re already a household name around these parts, and leaving a trail of happy music fans everywhere they go.

Featured song: “Tin Foil Hat”

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The latest release from Pile, Special Snowflakes 7”, is now available.

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Twitter: @pilemusic

SPEAK - BTR Live Studio [ep344]
SPEAK is the Austin-based art rock quartet of Troupe Gammage, Joey Delahoussaye, Nick Hurt, and Jake Stewart. Their music tends towards the dramatic side of electronic synthpop, in the form of darkly epic dancefloor jams topped with falsetto vocals, all while hints of their influences (reportedly Peter Gabriel, Blur, and Kanye West, which sounds pretty accurate) shine through.

Featured song: “Gates”

Complete broadcast and audio playlist:

Pedals, the latest release from SPEAK, is now available.

Official website for SPEAK:
Twitter: @hearSPEAKhere

Gold & Youth - BTR Live Studio [ep343]

Vancouver-based Gold & Youth write songs with a hazy, breezy, nostalgic air to them. Equally adept at crafting jams for West Coast summer drives as they are at soundtracking a midnight adventure in the city, their blend of electronics and other instrumentation lays just the right bed for their haunting vocal melodies. Fans of 80s synth-pop should take note: though there’s not much retro about this, nods to the likes of Depeche Mode and Roxy Music are definitely there, bringing electronic sounds to life in the most organic ways.

Featured song: “Daylight Colors”

Complete broadcast and audio playlist:

The latest release from Gold & Youth, Beyond Wilderness, is available now on Arts & Crafts.

Official website for Gold & Youth:
Twitter: @GoldandYouth