Beverly - BTR Live Studio [ep334]
Begun as a collaboration between former Vivian/Dum Dum Girl Frankie Rose and Drew Citron (a former member of Frankie’s band and NYC act Avan Lava), Beverly has taken on new life in the form of a live band (now fronted by Drew, without Frankie) and is quickly amassing fans. Lush pop harmonies and satisfyingly noisy guitars fill the space of their shoegaze pop songs in just the right way.

Featured song: “You Can’t Get It Right”

Complete broadcast and audio playlist:

Careers, Beverly’s debut album, is available now from Kanine Records.

Official website for Beverly:

Heidemann - BTR Live Studio [ep333]
Monika Heidemann, formerly of Brooklyn pop band Xylos, has set out on her own with a bass guitar and an array of production instruments to bring her own gorgeously-penned songs to life. With minimal instrumentation, her clear vocals cut through with a certain determination, demonstrating a skillful depth that begs a closer listen.

Featured song: “Another Life”

Complete broadcast and audio playlist:

Heidemann on Bandcamp:
Twitter: @HEIDEMANNmusic

Landlady - BTR Live Studio [ep331]

There’s a character in the New York music scene who we at BTRtv affectionately refer to as Doctor Schatz. His actual name is Adam, and he’s the force at the center of this whirlwind of a band, Landlady. He also happens to play with a diverse range of other acts — from Man Man and Zongo Junction to Father Figures and more — where you might find him wrestling a saxophone, making obscenely interesting electronic sounds, or, in this case, singing and fronting a great indie rock band. In the case of Landlady, the compositions are complex yet catchy, and the lyrics crafted in such a way that they seem to be aiming for hopeful, Flaming Lips-style psychedelic sing-a-longs. There’s an intense brightness emanating from this Adam Schatz character in everything he does, and these songs are a direct expression of that. Don’t be surprised if he (via this project or another one) becomes a household name in music in the coming years.

Featured song: “Dying Day”

Complete broadcast and audio playlist:

Landlady’s new album, Upright Behavior, will be available July 15.

Landlady on Bandcamp:
Twitter: @landladyband

Boyfriend - BTR Live Studio [ep330]

Boyfriend is a badass female rapper from New Orleans by way of Nashville. Her rhymes may come off as raunchy at first, but maybe she’s just trying to tell you something you’re not ready to hear. Full of sex-positive anthems and a strong dose of theatrical comedy, her jams are hard and her attitude strong. She stopped by on a recent tour to perform some tunes and talk a bit about how she writes.

Featured song: “Like My Hand Did”

Complete broadcast and audio playlist:

Hip To Be Square, the latest release from Boyfriend, is now available.

Official website for Boyfriend:
Twitter: @itsmeyourbf

Teen Girl Scientist Monthly - BTR Live Studio [ep329]

Teen Girl Scientist Monthly seem to have a permanent wink and smile, from their cheeky nerd-chic band name to their catchy, jangly, sci-fi-tinged pop-punk tunes. They keep the energy up and seem to alway be having fun while making music as satisfying as any favorite 90s alt/punk band and as cool and clever as the latest indie darlings.

Featured song: “Dark Rip”

Complete broadcast and audio playlist:

We Run With Gangs, the latest release from Teen Girl Scientist Monthly, is now available.

Official website for Teen Girl Scientist Monthly:
Twitter: @TeenGirlSciMo

Future Death - BTR Live Studio [ep238]
Future Death is an Austin-based band with an amazing mix of swirling, chaotic post-punk and noise that few bands can pull off. Launched in 2012 by Alton Jenkins and Bill Kenny, and now with bassist Jeremy Humphries and finally vocalist Angie Kang added to the mix, the project has evolved substantially in its short history. Pay attention or these jams may blast past you so quick you won’t know what you missed.

Featured song: “Riot Trains”

Complete broadcast and audio playlist:

Special Victim, the latest release from Future Death, is now available.

Future Death on Bandcamp:
Twitter: @Future_Death

PT Walkley - BTR Live Studio [ep326]

NYC-based songwriter/composer PT Walkley did his time in the bar and club scene developing his rich, melodic indie rock songcraft. These days, PT makes records under his name but live shows are rare, since his time is largely taken up scoring films, writing songs for tv and commercials, and voicing characters for a hit Nickelodeon show. Armed with an ace band and his latest batch of personal, expertly-crafted pop songs, he stopped by the studio to play some tunes and chat with Maia.

Featured song: “Sirens”

Complete broadcast and audio playlist:

Shoulders, PT Walkley’s latest release, is now available.

Official website for PT Walkley:
Twitter: @ptwalkley1

Aloud - BTR Live Studio [ep325]
Aloud are, as they put it, “a nationally touring four piece rock n’ roll band with lots of hooks, lots of harmonies, lots of guitars, and lots of heart.” Begun nearly a decade ago by the dual frontpersons of Henry Beguiristain (lead vocals/guitars) and Jen de la Osa (lead vocals/guitars) in Boston, the band has grown considerably with the addition of Frank Hegyi (drums/percussion) and Charles Murphy (bass/backing vocal) for maximum rock power. Their catchy tunes and busy tour schedule come through in the way they play their hearts out with every note. They stopped by, as a trio for this session, to share some music and chat with Maia.

Featured song: “It’s Got To Be Now”

Complete broadcast and audio playlist:

It’s Got To Be Now, the latest release from Aloud, is now available.

Official website for Aloud:
Twitter: @aloudonline

Alice Boman - BTR Live Studio [ep324]
Alice Boman has the kind of voice that creeps up on you, which may sound dramatic, but so does her music, so it fits. Beautiful, haunting, and with an impossible warmth, this Swedish songwriter has a hazy aura that’s completely mesmerizing. On her recent US tour, she stopped by to introduce us to her songs and chat with Maia.

Featured song: “What”

Complete broadcast and audio playlist:

Alice Boman’s new EP, II, is now available.

Alice Boman on Tumblr:
Twitter: @aliceboman

The Revivalists - BTR Live Studio [ep322]

Hailing from New Orleans, The Revivalists are a funky, soulful experience of a rock n’ roll band. Horns and pedal steel paired with a love for the warmth of vintage sounds set them apart from your average guitar band and make for a unique blend of musical genres. The band took a moment out of their busy schedule on the road to share some songs and chat with Maia.

Featured song: “Navigate Below”

Complete broadcast and audio playlist:

City Of Sound, the latest release from The Revivalists, is now available.

Official website for The Revivalists:
Twitter: @therevivalists

We Are Scientists - BTR Live Studio [ep321]

We Are Scientists first appeared on the scene about a decade ago, touring internationally and becoming massively popular on the strength of their hit-packed debut album. Now, well into their career and still making memorable, danceable songs, they’re touring in support of their latest batch of tunes, and they stopped by to share those and chat with Maia.

Featured song: “Make It Easy”

Complete broadcast and audio playlist:

TV en Français, the latest release from We Are Scientists, is now available.

Official website for We Are Scientists:
Twitter: @wearescientists

Dub Thompson - BTR Live Studio [ep320]
Dub Thompson, the California-based project driven by Matt Pulos and Evan Laffer, has had a little help from friends in fueling their need to get weird. Foxygen’s Jonathan Rado helped move things along while the duo stayed with him in Bloomington, Indiana, for a summer, and that band’s crackly pop sensibility — and perhaps the free-flowing, blissed-out Midwestern summer vibes — seem to have found their way into the tunes.

Featured song: “Hayward”

Complete broadcast and audio playlist:

Dub Thompson’s new album, 9 Songs, will be available June 10th.

Official website for Dub Thompson:
Twitter: @thompsonemail

Slothrust - BTR Live Studio [ep319]

Slothrust, a Brooklyn by way of Boston band, is a rock trio aiming for the gut, spearheaded by the deep, forceful vocals of songwriter Leah Wellbaum, who grew the band from a previous solo effort. Blasting from subtle, smooth Pavement-isms to full on thrashing happy punk is sort of their thing, and they do it oh so well. Though the band is comprised of musicians with jazz and blues backgrounds, they don’t get hung up on that, opting for the approach of making catchy, memorable rock songs by any means possible.

Featured song: “Beowulf”

Complete broadcast and audio playlist:

Of Course You Do, the latest release from Slothrust, is now available from Ba Da Bing! Records.

Official website for Slothrust:

Walking Shapes - BTR Live Studio [ep318]

NYC’s Walking Shapes is a band with the rare ability to create songs that are at once totally original while also bringing to mind familiar melodies, so you’ll swear you’ve heard them before. That feeling that you must know this one… it has to be a radio hit by Kings Of Leon, or Flaming Lips, or The Strokes, or Fleetwood Mac… no, but it’s cut from the same perfectly-executed musical fabric. There’s a sweet blend of decades of guitar-based rock and pop music here as the soundtrack to a band finding its way and building their own legacy. The guys stopped by after a whirlwind of tour, record release, and 24 NYC shows in 24 hours to share some music and talk a bit about the inspiration for their album.

Featured song: “Feel Good”

Complete broadcast and audio playlist:

Walking Shapes’ latest release, Taka Come On, is now available.

Official website for Walking Shapes:
Twitter: @WalkingShapes

BTR Live Studio: Carsick Cars - BTR Live Studio [ep317]

Carsick Cars are a rock trio from Beijing. Singing mostly in English and taking a broad interpretation of noise rock, their songs are exceptionally catchy and melodic, and the Sonic Youth (who they’ve toured with) influence is definitely hard at work — pleasantly so. They’ve been at the forefront of the Chinese indie music movement for almost a decade, though lineup changes have left Zhang Shouwang as the sole founding/consistent member of the band even as the group’s popularity and work with other artists and projects has continued to grow their reputation worldwide.

Featured song: “15 Minutes Older”

Complete broadcast and audio playlist:

The latest release by Carsick Cars, 3, is now available.

Official website for Carsick Cars: