Sun Club - BTR Live Studio [ep360]
Sun Club is a Baltimore band that formed in 2012, blending their main influences of The Beach Boys and Animal Collective (though we hear other influences in there as well) into a sunny, frenetic, poppy good time. We get the sense that these guys are really fun and like to party. You should probably party with them, or at least go check them out on tour. Here they play some tunes and discuss the history of the band.

Featured song: “Worm City”

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Dad Claps at the Mom Prom, the latest release from Sun Club, is now available from Goodnight Records.

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Twitter: @sunclubband

Greys - BTR Live Studio [ep359]

Greys is a garage punk band from Toronto and blasting out ferociously efficient jams is, to put it simply, what they do. While on tour with their pals The Dirty Nil, Greys lead singer Shehzaad was feeling a little under the weather, so tour mates Dave and Luke filled in on vocals for a couple songs at this session (though he came through to rock it on the featured song, “Brain Dead.”)

Featured song: “Brain Dead”

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If Anything, Greys’ latest release, is now available

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Twitter: @greysband

Future Of What - BTR Live Studio [ep358]

Future Of What is the Brooklyn-based pop trio of Blair Gimma, Sam Axelrod, and Max Kotelchuck. Blair’s distinct voice, low-key and beautiful in its simplicity, may be familiar from her previous solo/guitar-based project (also called Blair). Like much of our favorite pop music, there are some strong nostalgic vibes kicking around in the subject matter of these songs, and when you pair that with tastefully minimal, sharp production, it’s a winning combination. The band stopped by to share some songs, talk about the recording process (including their muse), and to investigate the case of Maia’s missing Casio keyboard.

Featured song: “Double Thoughts”

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Pro Dreams, Future Of What’s debut album is scheduled for release in 2015

Future Of What on SoundCloud:
Twitter: @futureofwhat_

"Above My Ground" by Landlady - BTR Live Studio [ep356.5]

When Landlady visited the studio recently, they did something bands don’t normally do at these sessions — they made our crew a part of their performance. It was a unique moment that was partially featured in the full episode from their session. Here, now, we present the full song, “Above My Ground,” as Adam Schatz takes the cameras from our crew mid-song and invites them to participate.

Featured song: “Above My Ground”

Check out more music and an interview in Landlady’s full session of BTR Live Studio:

Landlady’s new album, Upright Behavior, is now available.

Landlady on Bandcamp:
Twitter: @landladyband

The Henry Millers - BTR Live Studio [ep356]

The Henry Millers is a New York-based band fronted by the duo of John MacCallum and Katie Schecter. Longtime friends before they became musical collaborators, MacCallum and Schecter have a unique chemistry fueling their synth-driven pop music. The band stopped by the studio to share some tunes and talk a bit about the project.

Featured song: “Posies”

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Posies, the latest release from The Henry Millers, is now available.

Official website for The Henry Millers:
Twitter: @thehenrymillers

Johnny Lewis - BTR Live Studio [ep355]

Johnny Lewis has a fascinating musical career history: he’s already done electronic production for The Larva Ink, Lizzo, and Bokonon, and he’s even been on the festival circuit, opening for national acts such as The Flaming Lips and EOTO. But he gave that up to move to NYC, where his love of acoustic music led to the writing of his first solo record. His production background certainly helped to make this stand out among the slew of folk and alt-Americana records out there, as the songs are expertly crafted and layered in a way that most debuts aren’t. Johnny brought his full live band to the studio to share the music and talk a bit about this musical journey.

Featured song: “Stuck On You”

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Johnny Lewis’ self-titled debut album is now available.

Official website for Johnny Lewis:
Twitter: @JohnnyVLewis

"Jealousy" by Boyfriend - BTR Live Studio [ep354.5]

Boyfriend is a badass female rapper from New Orleans by way of Nashville. Her rhymes may come off as raunchy at first, but maybe she’s just trying to tell you something you’re not ready to hear. Full of sex-positive anthems and a strong dose of theatrical comedy, her jams are hard and her attitude strong. She stopped by on a recent tour to perform some tunes and talk a bit about how she writes.

Featured song: “Jealousy”

Watch Boyfriend’s full interview and more music in the full BTR Live Studio session:

Hip To Be Square, the latest release from Boyfriend, is now available.

Official website for Boyfriend:
Twitter: @itsmeyourbf

Asian Dub Foundation - BTR Live Studio [ep354]

Asian Dub Foundation has been stirring things up for almost 20 years now. The London-based group began as a group of friends, inspired by their parents’ diverse music collections to create their own music, full of Indian and African touches, fused with modern influences from various punk, dance, and rap genres, all coated with fast, socially-conscious lyrics. Two of the current featured members of the group, Aktav8r and Nathan Flutebox Lee, dropped by to share a special performance, and to chat a bit about the band.

Featured song: “Twisted Minds”

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The Signal And The Noise, the latest release from Asian Dub Foundation, is now available.

Official website for Asian Dub Foundation:
Twitter: @adfofficial

Spirit System - BTR Live Studio [ep353]
Spirit System is a band from Winston Salem, North Carolina, who call their music “etheralia/darkwave/gaze.” Helmed by Eric Gilstrap (also of Clouder) and Laurie Ruroden, along with drummer Gary Guthrie and (for this session) Gilstrap’s Clouder bandmate Max Goransson, the band takes this hybrid genre seriously, with deep bass and reverb everywhere. Spirit System is definitely tapping into something deep and dark, pulling it to the surface in song form.

Featured song: “100,000 Days”

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Together In The Merciful Dark EP, the latest release from Spirit System, is now available.

Spirit System on Bandcamp:
Twitter: @SpiritSystem

“Icarus” by White Hinterland - BTR Live Studio [ep352.5]

White Hinterland is Casey Dienel. In the wake of her previous, production-heavy album, she retreated to the basement of her family’s house in Scituate, Massachusetts, to build a studio and learn the ins-and-outs of self-recording in order to craft a new, piano-and-voice-reliant body of work. In Dienel’s own words, the “themes of this record… are personal agency, strength, growth, and determination.” It’s raw and beautiful, and she stopped by to share some of these songs and talk about her work with Maia.

Featured song: “Icarus”

For more music and interview, check out the full video:

Baby, the latest release from White Hinterland, is now available.

Official website for White Hinterland:
Twitter: @WhiteHinterland

The Donkeys - BTR Live Studio [ep352]

There are a couple of things we love about San Diego foursome The Donkeys: 1) Their music, of course, and 2) Their enthusiasm for travel. If you happen to follow their Instagram account, you’ll be treated to playful portraits of the signs welcoming this easygoing, distinctly West Coast band to the various states as they make their way back and forth across the country. This habit fits the band’s easygoing, sunny vibe well, and hints at their own nostalgic nod to the American rock ‘n roll heritage.

Featured song: “Ride The Black Wave”

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Ride The Black Wave, the latest release from The Donkeys, is now available.

Official website for The Donkeys:
Twitter: @TheDonkeys

Bailiff - BTR Live Studio [ep351]

Bailiff are a no-nonsense bluesy indie rock trio from Chicago featuring the classic rock formula of drums, bass, guitar, and killer riffs which they push the next level. The result is super solid pop, drawing on the likes of Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, the Beatles, and Dylan — and not just the rock bits, there are hints of everything from Indian raga to Native American chant planted in these grooves. Here, the band plays some songs and chats with Maia.

Featured song: “Golden Hour”

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Remise, the latest release from Bailiff, is now available.

Official website for Bailiff:
Twitter: @bailiffmusic

“Not Ours” by Beverly - BTR Live Studio [ep350.5]

Begun as a collaboration between former Vivian/Dum Dum Girl Frankie Rose and Drew Citron (a former member of Frankie’s band and NYC act Avan Lava), Beverly has taken on new life in the form of a live band (now fronted by Drew, without Frankie) and is quickly amassing fans. Lush pop harmonies and satisfyingly noisy guitars fill the space of their shoegaze pop songs in just the right way.

Featured song: “Not Ours”

Complete broadcast and audio playlist:

Careers, Beverly’s debut album, is available now from Kanine Records.

Official website for Beverly:

Challenger - BTR Live Studio [ep350]

Challenger is the project of NYC producer/composer/songwriter John Ross, featuring a full band for live performances. Drawing on the synth and loop-heavy sounds of 80s new wave, the songs are dense and full of pop hooks. Here, the group plays some songs, then chats with Maia.

Featured song: “How Terrorism Brought Us Back Together”

Complete broadcast and audio playlist:

Back To Bellevue, Challenger’s latest release is now available.

Official website for Challenger: