Lucius - BTR Live Studio [ep120] (by btrlivestudio)

Originally a duo featuring Holly Laessig and Jess Wolfe, Brooklyn’s Lucius now has four permanent members and performs with a rotating fifth. Their charming indie-pop borrows mostly from country and folk, but their songs vary in mood and style — some are quirky and frenetic (reminiscent of St. Vincent), while others are sparse and delicate (like Feist). Though they sing heartbreaking tales, it’s the powerful, yet tender, harmonies of Laessig and Wolfe that make the music especially poignant. /// Featured song: “Don’t Just Sit There” /// Lucius’ self-titled EP is their latest release. /// Complete radio broadcast and playlist: /// Official website: /// Twitter: @ilovelucius

Ramona Falls - BTR Live Studio [ep116] (by btrlivestudio)

Based out of Portland, Oregon, Ramona Falls is the experimental indie-rock project of former Menomena member Brent Knopf. His debut album, Intuit, was released in 2009 and featured over 30 various musicians and friends, such as Benjamin Weikel (The Helio Sequence) and Janet Weiss (Wild Flag, Sleater Kinney). Here, the band performs “Brevony,” a new, unpredictably explosive and crunchy track from the forthcoming release, Prophet. /// Featured song: “Brevony” /// Ramona Falls’ sophomore album, Prophet, is out May 1st via Barsuk Records. /// Complete radio broadcast and playlist: /// Official website: /// Twitter: @ramonafalls