Robot Princess - Serious Business on BTR [ep173]
Robot Princess is an indie rock band from New York City. Their music — often reflected in the candy-colored aesthetic of their artwork — is filled with big hooks, melodies, and backing vocals to sing along with, thanks to Beau Alessi’s fresh take on pop songwriting. There are elements of quirky 90s pop-punk and alternative here (we’re thinking Atom and His Package or some Weezer hits) all contributing to the pure fun factor of the band.

Featured song: “Action Park”

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The newest release by Robot Princess, Teen Vogue, is now available.

Robot Princess on Bandcamp:
Twitter: @robot_princess

Cloud Becomes Your Hand - BTR Live Studio [ep336]

New York City’s Cloud Becomes Your Hand is great at making unexpected musical moves. Utilizing the unconventionally rockin’ and experimental sounds of a malletKat and violin in tandem with jumpy, glitchy, bizarre movements, tempos, and tones, their songs feel unique, occupying that under-populated field of avant-rock that a wider audience can actually enjoy listening to. The band stopped by to share some of their musical madness, and to chat about the project’s history.

Featured song: “Bees Going Postal”

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Rocks Or Cakes, the new album from Cloud Becomes Your Hand, is now available on CD from Northern Spy Records and vinyl from Feeding Tube Records.

Official website for Cloud Becomes Your Hand:
Twitter: @CloudBecYrHand

Episode 4 of Spit Take Comedy is a straight up George-fest! George invites hilarious comedian George Gordon to talk about their shared distaste for their own name, the strange world of cover bands and who to invite to the perfect brunch. Be sure to check out the mannered and anecdotal standup of George Gordon!

Official website for Spit Take Comedy:
George Flanagan on Twitter: @georgejezel

George Gordon on Twitter: @GeorgePGordon3

You Bred Raptors? - BTR Live Studio [ep335]

You Bred Raptors? have a lot working in their favor to make them stand out from most other bands. What’s so special? This Astoria, Queens trio (check #1: not from Brooklyn) plays instrumental music (check #2), wears an array of bizarre masks when they perform (check #3), and has made a name for themselves by holding down a coveted spot in the NYC subways with the Music Under New York Program (check #4). Oh, and their instrumentation is an 8 string bass, cello, drums, and glockenspiels (checks #5—8). The result of all these unique traits is beautiful, strange, and challenging music that makes people stop, look, and listen long enough to get hooked on their prehistoric pop grooves (oh yeah, and check #9: their name is from Jurassic Park).

Featured song: “Yukon”

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Grant, the new album from You Bred Raptors?, is expected out later this summer.

Official website for You Bred Raptors?:
Twitter: @youbredraptors

Beverly - BTR Live Studio [ep334]
Begun as a collaboration between former Vivian/Dum Dum Girl Frankie Rose and Drew Citron (a former member of Frankie’s band and NYC act Avan Lava), Beverly has taken on new life in the form of a live band (now fronted by Drew, without Frankie) and is quickly amassing fans. Lush pop harmonies and satisfyingly noisy guitars fill the space of their shoegaze pop songs in just the right way.

Featured song: “You Can’t Get It Right”

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Careers, Beverly’s debut album, is available now from Kanine Records.

Official website for Beverly:

You should already be very familiar with Brooklyn’s own Ava Luna. A few years back, when they first began their ascent on the local scene, some likened them to “Beck fronting the Jackson 5.” Since then, they’ve grown incredibly, developing their own sound (and quite a social media presence) as they’ve turned out weirder, funkier jams at each turn. Lately they’ve been sending out more of a no wave/Talking Heads vibe, and it seems to be resonating extremely well with fans and critics, ourselves included. We hit their album release party for Electric Balloon at Silent Barn in Bushwick, Brooklyn, to capture the frenetic energy of their song, “Daydream.”

Featured song: “Daydream”

Electric Balloon, Ava Luna’s new album, is available now on Western Vinyl.

Official website for Ava Luna:


Twitter: @avalunaband

Heidemann - BTR Live Studio [ep333]
Monika Heidemann, formerly of Brooklyn pop band Xylos, has set out on her own with a bass guitar and an array of production instruments to bring her own gorgeously-penned songs to life. With minimal instrumentation, her clear vocals cut through with a certain determination, demonstrating a skillful depth that begs a closer listen.

Featured song: “Another Life”

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Heidemann on Bandcamp:
Twitter: @HEIDEMANNmusic

Social Media Prenups - BTR Pulse [ep181]
Rising in popularity this year, social media prenups are designed to protect the parties involved from embarrassing or unflattering social media posts either during the marriage or in the case of a break up. Often a clause in a larger prenuptial agreement, depending on the financial status of the couple, a violation can result in a hefty fine for the offending party. This week on BTR Pulse, Sarah Fraser asks people if they would consider signing such an agreement.

Featured song: “Little Moments” by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Bluffing - Serious Business on BTR [ep171]

Bluffing doesn’t mess around. Established in Brooklyn in March 2012 with the singular mission of crafting concise hits under two minutes, they’re set to make their pop and punk heroes proud. Check them out here, but pay close attention or risk missing something awesome: the songs are over almost as soon as they start!

Featured songs: “Sheltered” / “Mind Over Mood

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Sugar Coated Pills of Wisdom, Bluffing’s latest release, is now available from PaperCup Music.

Bluffing on Bandcamp:
Twitter: @BLUFFINGband

The Stargazer Lilies - BTR Live Studio [ep332]

The Stargazer Lilies are a shoegaze-inspired band based out of northeastern Pennsylvania. Some may recognize John Cep and Kim Field from their previous NYC-based project, Soundpool, which was known for a dancier sound. They’ve now left that clubby vibe behind in favor of their current more cosmically-derived, minimalistic and primal noisy rock sound, with heavier live drums, incredible walls of guitar textures and riffs, and ethereal vocals.

Featured song: “We Are The Dreamers”

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The Stargazer Lilies’ debut album, We Are The Dreamers, is available now.

Official website for The Stargazer Lilies:
Twitter: @TheStrgzrLilies

Episode 3 of The Spit Take finds George sitting down to chat with the lovely Jo Firestone. Not only is she hilarious and super sweet, but Jo has produced and hosted some of the most inventive and bizarre shows the NYC comedy world has ever seen (Punderdome 3000, Bullshit History, etc). They discuss Jo’s unique ability to wrangle an audience, her babydoll comedy club and her ideal romantic date. YES! YES! YES! YES!

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George Flanagan on Twitter: @georgejezel

Jo Firestone on Tumblr:
Twitter: @kingfirestorm

Landlady - BTR Live Studio [ep331]

There’s a character in the New York music scene who we at BTRtv affectionately refer to as Doctor Schatz. His actual name is Adam, and he’s the force at the center of this whirlwind of a band, Landlady. He also happens to play with a diverse range of other acts — from Man Man and Zongo Junction to Father Figures and more — where you might find him wrestling a saxophone, making obscenely interesting electronic sounds, or, in this case, singing and fronting a great indie rock band. In the case of Landlady, the compositions are complex yet catchy, and the lyrics crafted in such a way that they seem to be aiming for hopeful, Flaming Lips-style psychedelic sing-a-longs. There’s an intense brightness emanating from this Adam Schatz character in everything he does, and these songs are a direct expression of that. Don’t be surprised if he (via this project or another one) becomes a household name in music in the coming years.

Featured song: “Dying Day”

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Landlady’s new album, Upright Behavior, will be available July 15.

Landlady on Bandcamp:
Twitter: @landladyband

Should Have Been Fired - BTR Pulse [ep180]

What have you done at work that should have gotten you fired? This week on BTR Pulse, Sarah Fraser asks people to share their tales of dirty little workplace secrets and close calls.

Featured song: “Summer Bummer” by Dead Stars

Boyfriend - BTR Live Studio [ep330]

Boyfriend is a badass female rapper from New Orleans by way of Nashville. Her rhymes may come off as raunchy at first, but maybe she’s just trying to tell you something you’re not ready to hear. Full of sex-positive anthems and a strong dose of theatrical comedy, her jams are hard and her attitude strong. She stopped by on a recent tour to perform some tunes and talk a bit about how she writes.

Featured song: “Like My Hand Did”

Complete broadcast and audio playlist:

Hip To Be Square, the latest release from Boyfriend, is now available.

Official website for Boyfriend:
Twitter: @itsmeyourbf