BTRtoday’s SXSW Day Party, Part 2 - BreakThruTV [ep51B]

On Tuesday, March 16, BTR threw an unofficial day party in Austin, TX during SXSW at The Liberty, a great East Side bar with a sweet outdoor space. In this, the second of two videos featuring the bands from that show, we check out San Francisco buzz band Social Studies; Portland, OR, indie-poppers Radiation City; Montreal minimalist psych-rockers Suuns; and California-based stoner/psych rockers The Blank Tapes. Crack open a Lone Star and get an exclusive look at this massive music festival from some of the bands at the center of it all!

Official website for Social Studies:


Twitter: @socialstudiessf

Official website for Radiation City:


Twitter: @RadiationCity

Suuns on Tumblr:


Twitter: @suunsband

Official website for The Blank Tapes:


Twitter: @theblanktapes

Official website for The Liberty:


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